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Retro Sweets Cube from A Quarter Of...

Retro Sweets Cube
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Retro Sweets Cube - For those of you who just can`t decide, then this is the answer! A transparent cube packed full of the most nostalgic, best of British, retro sweets ever. It also makes a fabulously exciting and colourful gift for someone who really deserves a bit of pampering (and would enjoy a trip down memory lane). This snazzy cube measures 10cm square (that`s 3.94 inches in old money!) and the contents inside it weigh a hefty 475g (1.05lb)... that`s nearly half a kilo of fizzy, tangy, tasty retro deliciousness! The contents include the following (I know what you`re thinking - how DID we manage to squeeze all these in?): Dip Dab 1, Sherbet Fountain 1, Candy Stick Box 1, Mini Love Heart Rolls 2, Candy Whistles 2, Candy Lipsticks 2, Drumsticks 2, Strawberry Chewits 1, Happy Tattoo 2, Fizzers 2, Mini Parma Violets 2, Fruit Salad Chews 5, Black Jack Chews 5, Anglo Bubbly 2, Refreshers Chew 2, Chocolate Coins 1 Net, Tongue Painter Lolly 1, Space Dust 1, Rainbow Dust Straw 4, Rainbow Drops 1, Swirly Lolly 1, - Qty In Order: 1 Retro Sweets Cube

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Retro Sweets Cube