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Fizzy Bubblegum Balls from A Quarter Of...

Fizzy Bubblegum Balls
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Fizzy Bubblegum Balls - here`s a headscramber for you... These are sweets that taste of bubblegum... but they are boiled sweets not chewy... and you can`t blow bubbles with them. So why not just eat bubblegum instead? Well the bubblegum flavour lasts much longer with these... And you don`t get a sticky mess stuck all over your face (remember trying to peel off bits of bubblegum fron your nose and your cheeks - and even worse your hair - when the huge bubble that you working on for ages suddenly gave up the ghost, popped... and deflated).... nd you don`t get jaw ache after half an hour... And, lets face it, there comes a time when it just doesn`t look right to be blowing bubbles... So these sweets give you the bubblegum flavour, with a fizzy, sour kick too, but without the downsides of the real thing... - Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)

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Fizzy Bubblegum Balls